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Assassin's Creed Set


Hello Again! I'm very happy and super excited to introduce you all today, to my Assassin's Creed (CAS) set!

Apart from the sims 3, Assassin's creed on PS3 is one of my all time favorite games, so I thought why not merge my two fave games! Assassin's creed II and brotherhood were the best I think. I know there are a lot of AC fans out there...I'm sure you'll be happy to see this then :D And those of you who have never heard of Assassin's Creed You are soooo uncool, I think you'll like it anyway.

Let me start by telling you how HARD it was to make this stuff! Making CAS items especially clothing with a custom mesh is so difficult, this is definitely the most challenging thing I've made, even harder than making hairs! It's mostly because of all the bones and morphs and back-faces...I could go on. But hey it's done now and all that hard work was worth it!

It's all inspired by Ezio's and Altair's assassin gear, so it's a bit of an Altair-Ezio combination.
So this set Includes: Assassin's outfit, Hidden Blade, Assassin's Weapons, Assassin's Boots and Assassin's Hood. Poly-counts are good, textures are hand painted.

Well I hope you like it, I might even make an assassin set for girls in the near future. on a side note, I've been away for a while because I've just started my first weeks at university but I should get more free time soon!

Now that I've got your attention...I see you want some Sims assassinating?


The Outfit is originally from The Sims Medieval, 
Luckily Sil Fantasy Extracted the mesh before me which saved me time! 
But I did extract the other LODS because it wasn't there. 
So I edited the mesh a lot and added more details
and gave it back-faces.
The outfit is not an exact replica of what Ezio or Altair wears but as you can see it's pretty close.
There is a small seam issue around the neck which I tried fixing but it's
no big problem and hardly recognizable, especially since you'll
be using the hood with it. Also please ignore the weird shiny part on the back of the 
outfit and on the bottom of the legs in CAS  it does NOT appear in the game. It only appears 
in CAS because of the new mesh with back-faces.
Also You have to use my boots with this outfit,
this is because most other shoes' textures will
overlap on to the outfit's texture, I have edited the boots'
UV map to specifically fit this outfit.


The Hood is an accessory with morphs and
I assigned the top part of the mesh to the b_hatgrip bone
which means you can use Awt's hat slider to move the top part around
to fit almost any hairstyle. It's found under the glasses category and has a custom
Thumbnail so you can find it easily.

Hidden Blade

The Hidden Blade is an extremely important assassination tool! 
I love using it in the actual game, 
especially when I'm creeping up on a rooftop and then jumping down to assassinate a Templar!
 But back to sims now...It's an accessory found in the bracelet category 
(no fat morph though sorry, It's because if you have too many morphing accessories the mesh blows up) I was thinking about making the hook blade from Assassin's creed
Revelations but this one looks better.

Assassin's Weapons


What's an assassin without his weapons?
This is an accessory, it includes a short sword attached 
to Leather Spaulders on the sim's back.The Leather 
Spaulders has throwing knives on it too.There is also a 
sabre sword on the side which hangs from straps.



These boots were based on Altair's boots, I like Ezio's ones better but 
If I made that the poly-count would be crazy. 
Medieval style, and is fully recolourable. These boots were specifically made for my outfit but can fit other clothing.




  • Sil Fantasy - for extracting the sims medieval mesh

Custom Content info: 


3D Model/Mesh:

  • High Level of detail (LOD1) - Around 6000 Polygons
  • Medium Level of Detail (LOD2) - Around 4000 Polygons
  • Low Level of Detail (LOD3) - Around 2000 Polygons

Additional info: 

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • custom thumbnail
  • for YA/A males only
  • In everyday/formal/Athletic wear
  • All morphs included


3D Model/Mesh:

  • High Level of detail (LOD1) - Around 2000 Polygons
  • Medium Level of Detail (LOD2) - Around 1000 Polygons
  • Low Level of Detail (LOD3) - Around 500 Polygons

Additional info: 

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • custom thumbnail
  • for YA/A males only
  • In everyday/formal/Athletic wear 
  • All morphs included


3D Model/Mesh:

  • High Level of detail (LOD0-1) - Around 1000 Polygons
  • Medium Level of Detail (LOD2) - Around 700 Polygons
  • Low Level of Detail (LOD3) - Around 400 Polygons

Additional info: 

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • custom thumbnail
  • for YA/A males only
  • In everyday/formal/Athletic wear 
  • All morphs included 


3D Model/Mesh:

  • High Level of detail (LOD0-1) - Around 4000 Polygons
  • Medium Level of Detail (LOD2) - Around 2000 Polygons
  • Low Level of Detail (LOD3) - Around 1000 Polygons

Additional info: 

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • custom thumbnail
  • for YA/A males only
  • In everyday/formal/Athletic wear 

Hidden Blade

3D Model/Mesh:

  • High Level of detail (LOD0-1) - Around 5000 Polygons
  • Medium Level of Detail (LOD2) - Around 3000 Polygons
  • Low Level of Detail (LOD3) - Around 1000 Polygons

Additional info: 

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • custom thumbnail
  • for YA/A males only
  • In everyday/formal/Athletic wear

Get the Look:
  • Hair by Anubis - Medieval conversion/EA store/Lapiz
  • Skin by me
  • Eyes by me
  • Eyebrows by Shady

One Last Thing...'Requiescat in Pace' >:)
(italian...a language of subtlty...something I clearly don't understand tehee)


mypalsim1 said...

this is beyond awesome. I stand in awe.

KikiLaKiwi said...

This looks so good! So incredibly well made!

I love playing Assassin's Creed, too! I don't know how this will fit into my game because I don't play medieval styled sims. But I download it anyway, it's just too cool!

Thank you so much for this!

Mel Sims said...

This is sooo cool I love it!! I have feautured this as one of my top daily picks Thanks for sharing this wonderful creation :)

Gauntlet said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! *.*

Kelly said...

*cough* It's actually requiescat in pace. :D Or that's how Ezio says it...not sure if it's the correct Italian.

This is the next best thing to having Assassin's Creed gear in real life. It's so awesome, thanks a bunch!

Jasumi said...

You've done a great job with this set! I, and many others, will certainly enjoy using it! Thank you ^^

Mura said...

Thank you very much! Assassin's Creed is a great series~

Ameenah said...

*___* I think I love you. You did an amazing job with this, thank you so much! So excited to try all of these lovely pieces out.

Skylar said...

I could just kiss you! :D <3 <3 Thank you so much!

SinKitty said...

I'm writing your name on my heart because I♥you! This is wonderful! Thank you!

Findu said...

That is freakin' awesome!! I adore it! Now I only need someone who make me my personal Ezio ;)

Zhippidy said...

Love this!

Daijahv said...

Wow I love this! And it's so great you set everything stand alone! LOVE that hood especially!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I love you love you love you!!!
Assassin's creed = Best Game Ever

Anita ♦³ said...

*.* thanks everyone!! You're all very sweet x I'm very glad you like the set.

@kiki yup I don''t usually have medieval style stuff but assassin's creed is an exception!

@Mel yay thanks so much! I'm flattered :D *blush*

@Kelly hehe I don't know much Italian, but on the AC community everyone says 'Requesta de pache' because that's what it sounds like to us xD

Thanks again to all of you for your show of gratitude!

LFE said...

THIS. IS. GENIUS. Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

I must get this, if only for the sake of my best friend who loves Assasins Creed, thank you for working so hard to make good quality AC stuff.

KosmoKhaos said...

Yeah I just had to to tell you how wicked awesome this really is. Thank you so much for making and sharing <3

Aeon said...

This is...I don't even have words to explain it really...but thanks for it! It's more than amazing!

Cnih said...

Omg...I could kiss you! Finally...I love Assassin's Creed...*geeks out* Yes yes YES. Thanki you, thank you, thank you.

One more thing: RISE


Anonymous said...

Honestly i don't think i'd use it, but it's SO COOL!


Very dectailed and fine, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I never heard of AC before - never mind - what a fantastic beautiful work you did - awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not know the game this is from but your work looks awesome with such detail. You can tell you worked hard on it. I am getting it because I just got the castle set from the store and this will go together GREAT! Thanks for you hard work.

saksuma shizzy said...

Thanks for making this I play Assassins creed on Xbox, it's very detailed I love it =D

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks to all the commentators above for the love! Hugs to all of you!!

elisef00 said...

Freaking EPIC!!! You rock!!!

Mare Mariuksa said...
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Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks elisef00 ;)

Anonymous said...

do these work on medieval sorry new to this site

KnightDevil~♥ said...

Really COOL~♥
My bro likes Assassin's Creed a lot.
So I've got his attention to play Sims3 XD
You've saved me-thank you so much♥

Anita ♦³ said...

@anon sorry these wont work for medieval, on;y sims 3 :]

@knightdevil thanks and you're welcome xD

HibaTsunaKuro said...

Amazing~! Thank you so much for sharing <3

JenaBena said...

OH MY GOSH! Thank you!!! I've been waiting for something this awesome for soooo long :D

Jasmine Holmes said...

Thank you so much for these! I've been trying to get my BF into Sims3 and these really helped!

Edward Kenway said...

Could you create an abstergo industries lot as custom content

Villeneuve Cedric said...

How blades are used?





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