Thursday, 19 April 2012

Clarity Skin - Smooth Default and Non Default skin for all ages!

Extra Downloads Available!

Hello simmers!

Today I am very pleased to finally release my new skin set! I have been working on this since October last year, and as many of you have already seen on my progress post I have been doing a lot of editing to perfect the skin textures. before I talk about the skin I need to thank all my followers and visitors for contributing their ideas and opinions in the making of this skin, without your feedback I would have been really stuck.

As I have previously mentioned, I want a lot of variety in skins for my game, 'I was partly inspired by some of my favorite skins which I like using in my game, I loved the smoothness of Ephemera's skin and the delicate details on WM/LL's skins, but I really wanted my own flare to the skins I use,so I used my ideas in combination with those of my favorite creators'. This skin is more focused on smoothness, clear skin with soft shading and subtle touches of detail. A list of all the things I have drawn and added to the skin can be found at the bottom of this post. 

So there are two versions you can download of-course; the Non Default and the Default Replacement. You can have them both together in your game with no problems. The Non Default contains 5 realistic and less saturated human skin tones, ranging from very pale to very dark and everything in between!

There are some extra downloads, as of request, I have made a skin shine accessory which will make the skin look shiny if applied, you can control the skin contrast with that. There is also another extra download called Blush for Kids, which is basically blush for kids :) both will fit nicely with my skin should you chose to download.

Well I hope the hard work has paid off and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, I have been using this a lot in my game, enjoy! (Oh and PS. Massive Picture spam coming your way xD )

Download Skin :

For skins to work properly delete the file called simCompositorCache.package in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 before installing and using the skin. 

 Default Replacement

This will replace the EA skin, so make sure you do not have any other default replacement skins because you can only have one default replacement. Remember you can download all the downloads attached, so you can have the non defaults and the defaults together if you want.

 Non Default

If you want the ND version then download the package titled 'CapitalSims_ClaritySkinNonDefault' , this will not replace EA Skin, there are 5 tone ramps all together, use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll through the tone ramps (if you don't have mods that extend the skin panel). you can download the non defaults and the defaults together if you want they will not conflict as they have different instances. If you only want one then I would recommend the non defaults because it contains more skin tone ramps and is more realistic compared to the EA tone ramps.

 EXTRA DOWNLOAD - Blush for Kids

 Download Blush for Kids

 EXTRA DOWNLOAD - Skin Shine accessory

 Download Skin Shine Accessory:

Information About this Skin:

Face Texture:  

  • Smooth and clear with soft shading
  • New realistic ears that still look great with different ears sliders
  • soft facial glow/highlighting
  • realistic eye-bags
  • Inner eye corner highlights
  • Added Philtrum detail
  • Soft nose shading
  • detailed nostrils
  • Natural and realistic lip texture - looks good on darker and lighter sims
  • Added eyelids that don't stretch abnormally when using facial sliders
  • Added tear-duct
  • soft facial shading on cheekbone area
  • Underlip shading
  • lip corners detail

Body Texture: 

  • Realistic new collarbones
  • Added light Adam's Apple for Teen/Adult/Elder Males
  • Soft shading and highlights on breasts
  • Added Nipples
  • light ribcage detail
  • Stomach highlights and shading
  • Light stomach dip
  • Realistic Navel/bellybutton detail
  • Hip detail + shading and highlights
  • Added realistic Knees and Elbows 
  • Added hand and feet detail (if you look close you can see small/light vein details)
  • Added Fingernails and toenails
  • Light shading on limbs 
  • Added ankle detail
  • Shoulder Blades added
  • Spine area detail
  • back shading and highlighting
  • light shading and highlighting on butt
  • 'Barbie' from the waist down 
  • Slightly desaturated for extra realism and better colour control

 Additional Info:

  • Non Default version contains 5 realistic tone ramps including; Pale; Tan; Olive; light brown; dark brown.
  • For All ages Male and Female
  • Texture sizes are all normal 1024 x 1024 px
  • No HQ mod required (HQ mod not used in taking the preview pictures)
  • Fully Compatible with the latest game version (including late night EP - therefore it will work with the muscle definition slider). Packed with the latest release of Skininator
 General Credits:
  • CmarNYC for creating Skininator
  • Inges for S3PE
  • My fave creators ofcourse!
Custom Content in pictures: 
  • Hair by Newsea/Peggy/Raon/Cazy/EA Store
  • Clothes by EA Store/Lore/MTS
  • Eyes by me (unreleased - on Adults)/ Shady
  • Eyebrows by me/Daluved1/Elexis/Jessica_2020/Shady/TSR


Lizzard said...

it looks beautiful cnt wait 2 use it in game thank u♥ :3

Lizzard said...

jus wanted 2 also say i luv those eyes! *.*

Sackgirl said...

I wake up this morning and this is a nice surprise to see your skin released. Thank you Anita. It looks beautiful. I love the body detail and i can't wait to give the body shine a go. The face area looks good and i like the detail on the back of the legs. Well i can't wait to test drive theses skins, thank you.

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad to share this with you ;)

Sackgirl said...

Well i just tried it in game, super nice and realistic. It's silky and creamy and adds a whole new look to the Sim's facial features. I was trying out the non default but i am seriously thinking about installing the default. Thanks for your hard work on theses skins. The blush on the cheeks is a nice touch too.

Anonymous said...

This is a really lovely skin but there are a few things that will stop me from using it.

The line underneath the eyes, it's a little too prominent. Maybe you could soften it a little?
The line emphasizing the woman's bottom, this makes her butt look too flat, a bit more of a curve would be much more flattering.
Also the caved in looking spine. This looks way too deep, backs don't normally look like this.

Vkitty said...

It's a beautiful skin, thank you so much.

However I agree with the anonymous poster above me about the back and bottom, also the shading in the cleavage and under the breast is too prominent, it makes the breasts look a bit fake.

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks :)

I think the line under the eye thing is only due to lighting conditions, makes it look a bit more harsh than it actually is, here is a pic in normal lighting:

I didn't add any butt lines though, I kept the original shape like most other creators do, so I'm not sure what your referring to exactly. Any of the lines you see on the butt would have to be a result of the EA mesh. I just added shading on the butt and highlighting.

I've lightened up the spine on kids, I'd like to keep the adults skins as they are for now. Some people have told me they like the breast detail as it is, and I have added only soft shading so it's a hard one. Maybe in the future I will make something more suited to your taste, make sure you stick around though I will make more blog posts where you can request the type of skin you want :)

razorbladesandlace said...

hello :D
this skin is absolutely beautiful!
i love the neck, hand and stomach detailing. the back of the legs were a nice touch as well :)
the top of my breasts look amazing in and out of clothes (i feel like a weirdo saying that XD) but the bottom looks a little bruisy. the only other thing i would say is a little off is that my spine is quite dark on some of the lighter skin tones, but everything else is wonderful~♥

razorbladesandlace said...

p.s. thank you for making it so that the muscle toning actually shows up, the last couple skins i downloaded had the painted on muscles and i think personally the toning is better.

K.C. said...

Hello Anita,

I'm the anon who 'posted in the nick of time', I might as well use my name from now on.

Love the new skin! But I agree with others about the spine (especially on children) being too deep and prominent; I also agree on the cleavage shading being a bit dark.

I find the shading of the female collarbones a bit deep as well, if I view my sims from a distance, it look as though the girls have wrinkles on their neck.

The ears and lips look fantastic!!!!! However I do miss the pores on your Luxury Skin, they make sims look real! Do you think you'll make that as a makeup? :)

Thank you so much for your efforts! I'm using your skin now in my game, very happy! :)

Tegi said...

Definitely will try this! I like tone panel of your skins!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Thank you so much! I nearly missed this download, since MS3B is not being updated.

I love it, it's perfect for my sims, thank you for taking my suggestions into consideration too, I look forward to more requesting threads on this site, I have a lot more ideas too. I second K.C. would you make some pores as make up?

Thanks, I'm going to get the defaults because I love it so much :D

Anonymous said...

1st i said, hmm, just another skin.
then after installing i use one and must say: AMAZING ^^

Rushni said...

This is amazing, thanks for creating it. I am also seriously considering whether I should use this as my defaults, I've been using 234jaio's default skins for so long, I've never moved away from his defaults, but this is so awesome!

Briel said...

Hey!! You said something that there's a Mod that lets you expand the skintone menu, Where can i find it? could you please send me the Link?

Thanks your Creations are awesome!!

Kaiiwaa said...

Hi ! Golly this skin is gorgeous :) you're an amazing artist and creator... my problem is, i have no idea how to download package files :( ive googled all over but i cant find anything for media fire..could you please help me? i know this is annoying and noob of me...but i want this skin so much i could melt D:..please!! :)

Anita ♦³ said...

Aww thanks everyone :)
I never expected this amount of downloads!

@KC and Anon, yep a lot of people are requesting pores as make up, as soon as I find time I will make some.

@Briel Cmar made a mod that expands the panel:
Make sure you read everything properly and download the correct mod for you because some of these are core mods :)

@Kaiiwaa Hi there it's very easy, just follow these instructions: make sure your game is updated to the latest patch too. If you get stuck don't hesitate to ask me for help.

Anonymous said...

I love all the skins except for the childen. I think it is the lips that bug me the most... Otherwise, great work.

Anonymous said...

Very nice skin, love the details on breasts and bottom for female. Only minus is that shade under the eyes makes it look like sims have sunburn under the eyes from close by. But will download these anyway! Thank you.

Kaiiwaa said...

Ah the mediafire file won't even work for me... i'm so sad because i have no idea how to get it work..but i'll keep trying and meanwhile i'll just drool over the beauty of these skins ^^

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks again guys :)

@Kaiiwaa Are you able to download it from mediafire? If not try a different web browser because mediafire is very agile and trusty site.

Or do you mean you are unable to open the file? If this is what you mean, then did you download an unzipping/extracting program? You need a program like winrar to extract the package file out of the rar/zip file.

Anonymous said...

Okay I tried them out in game and they are gorgeous and realistic. Especially on darker sims, wow a skin creator who finally got the true hue of dark skin.. I made a Jill Scott sim (she's a soul singer) and she's just gorgeous with this skin tone. Fantastic job as usual. Here's my question, I already have luxury skin as my default, (pores are so necessary when you have decent graphics) so I was wondering are you planning on making a pore blush for this skintone. It would beautify it in so many ways....Thank you for such a beautiful creation.

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks so much Anon!

To answer your question, yes, I've had a lot of requests for pores. I'll make them as soon as I find some time because right now I have to study for my mock A level law exam, I think I can find some time next week to start on the pores though. :)

jghost said...

OMG! You are amazing, AMAZING! You do the best skin in the world! I'ma freak for skins, I have a lot installed in my TS3, and I can tell you for sure that your are the best! I love the possibility to make really white and rosy sims that this skin gives me. And about your lips, Christ, they are perfect and so shiny! I love love love love love love all in this skin. You should start selling them! Why can this perfect skin be free?
Please keep making your wonderful skins, you are so talented!

jghost said...

Here's my sim using your skin:
he'd be nothing without your amazing skin! Thank you!

Anita ♦³ said...

aww <3

Thanks jghost that's really sweet of you :) I'm just glad to share these creations with you all!

I like your sim too! Thanks for featuring my skin on him :)

Kaiiwaa said...

Do you know if iLivid is like winrar D:? sorry to keep bugging you, and thanks so much for your help!

Kaiiwaa said...

I GOT IT TO WORK ! >squeeeeee<
thanks so much! its so gorgeous :DD >beams<

mary said...

I downloaded your skins and i love them there absolutly gorgous!!!
I have a question to ask where did you get the toddlers hair from i fell in love with the hair on the toddlers and i went looking so coul you please tell me where thier hair from ???

mary said...

i was able to download the luxury skin but i cant get the clarity skin the blush or the shine to load to winrar and i did get one file that is html file so how do i get the skin blush and shine please help i have been working on this for 2 days now and i hope all is going well with your exams!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing skin - I'll definitely be downloading!

Is it possible for you to upload those eyes as well?
I'm sure there are many other people who love them too!

Anita ♦³ said...

@Kaiiwaa great! hope you enjoy the skin :)

@Mary Toddler hairs both from the sims 3 store.
Did you right click and select 'extract here' on the rar file?

@Anon yeah I'll upload them soon :)

mary said...

after a few days of trying i finaly got the skins onto my game and wow what amazing work and so realistic looking!! Thank you for letting me know where to find the hairs on the toddlers i found the one used on the boy easy its the one on the girl with the bow i am having trouble finding. Thanks for the amsazing skins and work!!!2q

mary said...

Ok i also found the little girl toddler with the bow finaly soon as i get some sims points i am buying it!!

Anonymous said...

Can you make skins in sims3pack format, please? Because the packages aren't working for me :(

Anita ♦³ said...

Glad you like the skins Mary and you'll be using those hairs a lot for sure, they are so adorable! :)

@Anon sorry, you cant make skins as a sims3pack because they are actual game modifications rather than additional content. It would be a bad idea to have them as sims3pack anyway because of default replacements and if EA updates an area of CAS then you may need to uninstall your custom skins as illustrated by the Late Night Muscle definition sliders.

It's easy to install packages, and should work for everyone, have you looked at these instructions yet:

I'll be happy to help you with installing package files, tell me where your stuck.

Gina said...

What a beautiful skin! Thank you so much for making it, I can't wait to use it! One question though, can you tell me where I can find the lashes you've used in the four pictures after the first one?

Evita Kacinskaite said...

How install those skintones into the sims 3? pls answer :))

Anita ♦³ said...

@Gina thanks, the lashes are from S-club
I maxed out the eyelash slider to make them big too.

@Evita, Hi, read the instructions here:

If you need help or get stuck just ask :)

Jack's Creations said...

another great looking Skin. thank you for creating and sharing. Jack @ Simtech Forum.

Anita ♦³ said...

aww thanks jack your welcome!

mary said...

Hi Anita
your absolutly right i play with the store toddler hair all the time now love them.your wonderfull skins i have in my game and my sim girls all look like models now lol i love your wonderfull work if you wish and allow i ll download one of my sim girls for you please keep up the wonderfull work you have talent.

mary said...

Hi Anita
my daughter is asking me where you got that dress that is on the capital sims page top right side and it was used in a congradulations grads update too she loves the dress and wants to know where you got it thanks.

Anita ♦³ said...

Hi Mary that dress is from the sims 3 store ;)

mary said...

Hi Anita
Both of us thank you for telling us where to get that dress very gratefull!!

Anonymous said...

Why your screenshots for male's bodies they're all fats or skinny toothpicks, you should take screenshots of muscular and fit bodies so we can see how it looks like as well...

Anita ♦³ said...

lol they aren't that skinny anon, on the size slider they are average, anyway the skin looks pretty much the same for fat sims or muscular ones. There's only so many screenshots I can take Anon, I'm afraid you'll have to try it out in game for yourself and judge how it looks on fat/muscular sims ;)

Lindsay Hickey said...

Great skin





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