Sunday, 11 March 2012

We Mean business Glasses

Blind as a bat? Need glasses for improved vision without cramping your style? Well "We Mean business Glasses" doesn't give a monkeys when it comes to helping you see any better, but it scores 10/10 in the style factor! XD
These squarish - thick framed glasses have become quite a fashion accessory over recent years, yes glasses have come far from huge, 70s style, 'Sally Jesse Raphael' glasses. Now our sims can truly set aside the 'four eyes' jokes too. I have glasses like these in real, which I bought recently (because I have a lazy eye apparently), but I never wear them because it irritates my head xD

These glasses are perfect for your 'career-business-y' type sims or cute nerd sims.

Again this is a new mesh which were completely hand modeled, have a low poly-count and have hand painted textures too. Enjoy!

Custom Content Info:

3D Model/Mesh:
  • LOD0/LOD1 - Around 3000 Polygons
  • LOD2 - Around 1000 Polygons
  • LOD3 - Around 500 Polygons

  •  Hand Painted
  • All DDS files included (e.g. normal maps and specular map)
  • Cleaned for Unnecessary DDS files
  • has 2 recolourable channels on the frame of the glasses
Additional Info:
  • For Teens/Adults/Elders
  • For Males and Females
  • Categorized for Everyday/Formal/Swimwear/Athletic/Career/Valid for Maternity
  • Please ignore odd shine/shadows that may appear in CAS, this is normal for accessories and won't appear in game.

 Custom Content on Models Credits:

  • Hair by Newsea/Nouk/EA store
  • Eyes by me
  • Eyebrows by me/Jessica_2020
  • Make up by IN3S/WM/LL
  • Clothes by EA store/Lore
  • Shoes by TSR/EA store


Nox said...

That's an impressive looks. Thank you very much.

InaMac69 said...

these are fabulous, I have glasses like this in RL, thankyou so much :D xx

Anita ♦³ said...

Thank you and Your welcome :)





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