Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Studio Stuff Set 3D Renders

Downloads Coming Soon!!
Hey, Just made a whole bunch of new meshes from scratch! It's for a studio set I'm making, it'll go nicely with Showtime. Here are some renders of some of the many objects that I will upload. I Also just finished making a functional camera (as a computer) with it's own tripod, which looks smashing so far. Also I asked Cmomoney from MTS to help me out with animating the axial fan, very excited to see the end result! I hope your all excited too :)

Also if you have any ideas for other items you'd like to see in this studio set feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below.Oh and one more thing, see the director's chair? Well I recorded myself making that from start to finish for a tutorial I'm making so you can all have a go at creating stuff too!

Note: These are renders NOT DOWNLOADS! They'll be available for download soon xD The textures are not shown in these pictures but they will be hand painted, also the meshes are low poly for their general geometry.


The Regal Sim said...

Nice job :) how have you been hun? I have been working on a lot of projects myself. I have another 2 story wall set coming out. That window is still giving me problems -_- but ill get to it eventually. Right now i'm working on re-texturing a painting frame mesh some Russian simmer made. I dont plan on buying show time but maybe ill use this for a story or something when its done. You really have been improving :) I really need to learn how to mesh properly! It seems i only know that basic stuff like squares or circles but that only gets me so far. I'd love to learn to mesh objects and CAS stuff. Well i must be off! Nice talking to you again! Oh and if you make a banner for your site i can host it on mine. And you can host my banner :)

Bye take care!

Anita ♦³ said...

Hey T!

I've been great! Nice, more walls would be awesome and that window mesh looked really nice, I hope you can fix the issues (I'll be happy help you too).

I'm glad you like these meshes, I've really improved in polygon modelling for this game, I'm totally at ease with modelling objects now :)

I am working on a tutorial for object creation too, so I hope you'll find that helpful when it's done!

Lol I keep telling myself to make a banner, but I always forget or never find time hehe! I will get to work on one soon and when it's done we can totally exchange banners :D

Sackgirl said...

This will definitely be worth the wait.

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks! I can't wait to complete it and try it out ^.^





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