Thursday, 9 February 2012

Soft Angled Tweezed Eyebrow

Hiya! I had a go at some eyebrows, it turned out nice! I am going to have a go at other shapes and styles, so look out for more brows soon. The texture is hand painted, I layered the hairs (darker hairs at the bottom, lighter at the top) to achieve a realistic effect. They work for teens through to elder. Perhaps I will make some brows for males too. I hope you like them :)


Custom Content Credits:
  • Skin by me (not finished yet)/ Lemonleaf
  • Eyes by me
  • Hair by Ulker/ Raon/Newsea
  • Clothes by EA
  • Make up by Watermelon Field/Lemonleaf


Sackgirl said...

Thank you, these look cute.

Anonymous said...

Were are the lashes from? I know it says Make up by Watermelon Field/Lemonleaf but I would like a link to it if anyone knows :)

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks sackgirl :)

@Anon the lashes are default replacement 3D Lashes I made some time ago, but it needs a bit of work still. Funnily enough Awt had the same idea so he is also working on some 3d lashes which look really nice! I think they'll release their lashes very soon. I just read that they'll also be making sliders and stuff for the lashes. So it's only reasonable not to release mine, or at least not yet, because I am far from finished lol :) So I would wait for Awt's lashes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, these are nice, I like the detail, so thanks for making it.

I'm curious to know, are you still skylark or what happened to skylark sims? Also the model in your banner is Megan by Anubis?

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks Anon your very welcome. Yup Capital Sims = Skylark Sims, I changed the blog because I wanted to make and encode a new webpage template/change the look and of course now, Felix and other creators create content with me, so we started afresh with a new blog :D

The old stuff is still here for download on this blog.

Anita ♦³ said...

oh and that's not anyone's model on my banner, it's actually this ( ) EA made base game sim with some custom content slapped on xD

who would of thought an EA sim could turn out nice :)

Simmie said...

Hi Anita, nice eyebrows thank you for sharing. I love eyebrows as they can make such a difference to a sim, can never have enough of them lol.

Your model in bottom pic (black hair and blue eyes is absolutely stunning. Will you be putting her up for download?

Anita ♦³ said...

Hi simmie,

Thanks for your comment :) I wasn't planning on releasing any sims but if you like them, I will do when I get some time.

Simmie said...

Hi Anita, thanks for answering.

That is absolutely wonderful news, thank you so much. I will be looking out for her.

Have a great weekend.:)

Augusto said...

I love this!!
It's very very cool!!

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks ;) your welcome Augusto





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