Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Brit Boots

Hello simmers! wow, it's been a cool, whole month since our last post but we promised we'd come back with a bang!

Today I have for you a new pair of boots, aren't they just fabulous? :D
They are a completely new mesh, great fun modelling them, and of course hand painted textures. A lot of custom content creators just re-texture or modify EA shoes, which usually means no 3D detail, these boots however are 100% 3D in every aspect. Brit boots look great in natural earthy colours, but it looks equally as good in certain bright colours. As usual, there is odd shadow/lighting on the shoes in CAS - due to the new mesh, but don't worry this won't appear in game. Polycount is alright not too high, standard CAS poly-count.

So...anyone think these boots seem familiar? well in the TV series 'Merlin', Merlin wears boots similar to these - it would be nice if the guy changed his outfit for's been four whole seasons! So the original inspiration came from Merlin xD Felix pointed it out first, said he keeps staring at his boots for some reason.We watch Merlin a lot...we love bad TV >:) Enjoy!! Oh and Pinch Punch first of the month, didn't get a chance to pinch or punch anyone today.
Anyway, If you guys like it enough I'll make a male version and some for teens and possibly tots too.

Custom Content info:

  • LOD1: Around 3500 Polygons
  • LOD2: Around 2000 Polygons
  • LOD3: Around 1000 Polygons
3D Model/Mesh:
  • Hand modelled
  • Morphs fit
  • 3D details rather than drawn on details
  •  Hand painted
  • All maps included
  • Cleaned for unnecessary DDS files
Additional info:
  • For Adult Females only
  • Categorized in Everyday/Athletic/Valid for Maternity
General Credits:
  • Felix - modeled sole of the boot and made some dds files
Custom Content Credits:
  • Skin by me (not released yet) / Lemon Leaf
  • Clothes by EA store/Icia/Myos
  • Hair by Cazy/Newsea/Peggy/Raon
  • Accessories by me/Aikea/Newsea
  • Eyes by me
  • Brows by jessica_2020
  • Make up by LL/WM/IN3S


InaMac69 said...

ooooh I love these, just awesome thankyou thankyou :D xx

Nox said...

Amazing mesh with great details. Truly 3D. I love it. More boots please. I can't have enough of these.

Yoteamo said...

OH my goodness! These are the bomb digity baby thank you so much. They look absolutely fabulous cant wait to see more <3 <3

Nox said...

I forgot to add request for male version, there must be a lot of works going to these boots, please don't waste them on only one version.

Sackgirl said...

Theses are very cute and look great on your models. Can't wait to play around with them in game. Thank you!

JS Sims 3 said...

Amazing work!!
I love this boot so much!!
totally downloading them^^

Anita ♦³ said...

aww thanks guys! glad you like these boots, I think I will make those male versions too as well as other ages :)

jvardon said...

Love the boots!!!
You should so make a high heel bootie version that barely covers the ankles so the straps hang around the heel or something.

Anonymous said...

These are perfect! I just saw these for boys too, thanks for making them!

Rob said...

I thought they were Britney Spears inspired boots from the name not Merlin but I love them all the same :)

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks Anon and Rob!

Hehe! We thought Merlin's boots were really cool, so we did a bit of digging and found that they were called Brit boots :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you do real 3d meshes..You're a great creator. Can't wait to see more from you. Btw I have your luxury skins in game and I can't tell you how much I love them. I have a pic with a sim in your skins and another sim with Ephemera's skins standing side by side in game. And the sim using your skin looked like a real man, while the other one looked like a doll!!! lol

Anita ♦³ said...


Thanks anon, that's really sweet!

@Jvardon sorry I missed your comment, thanks for your suggestion, I think it's a good idea, I will consider it for future projects.

tashi said...

I love is thank u so much for all the mods!! ^^





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