Friday, 3 February 2012

Brit Boots For Men

These boots proved rather popular in the download count for the female version, and as of request, here are the male versions!

I just adjusted the size of these boots to fit male sims and their morph states. Hope you enjoy!

Note: remember the odd shadow/lighting on the shoes in CAS don't appear in game play. This is a regular occurrence in new meshes when making accessories or shoes due to new mesh properties and linkage to shine flags/specular maps in CAS. So no worries!

Custom Content info:


  • LOD1: Around 3500 Polygons
  • LOD2: Around 2000 Polygons
  • LOD3: Around 1000 Polygons
3D Model/Mesh:
  • Hand modelled
  • Morphs fit
  • 3D details rather than drawn on details
  •  Hand painted
  • All maps included
  • Cleaned for unnecessary DDS files
  • 3 recolourable Channels - Buckles/Straps/main body of shoe
Additional info:
  • For Adult Females only
  • Categorized in Everyday/Athletic/Valid for Maternity
General Credits:
  • Felix - modeled sole of the boot and made some dds files
Custom Content Credits:
  • Skin by me (not released yet)
  • Clothes by EA store/Aikea/Myos
  • Hair by EA/Newsea/MTS
  • Eyes by me
  • Brows by jessica_2020
  • Make up by LL/WM


irKatty said...

Thanks so much for this and female!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita its TDC95, nice boots :) check out what i just made give me your opinion :D

Anita ♦³ said...

Your welcome :)

Sent you back an email T, love the walls!





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