Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Requested: Exquisite Large 18th Century Paintings By Anita and Tyler

Hi! Today I have a set of beautiful rococo frames requested by TDC95. The frames are all new meshes so that makes 7 new meshes. They are all relatively low poly at under 1000 polygons for High quality and around 500 for Low quality. Tyler AKA TDC95 done most of the overlay pictures for me which all look awesome!
Hand painted textures as well.
There are many sizes including 1 story and 2 story high frames as well as many shapes.

Tyler's description: The Detail put into things has diminished over the years, yet we have excellent examples of true art, and that it can be expressed in many forums, these paintings clearly show the ornate detailed fashion’s and lifestyle’s of the past , opulence was the idea and it was wielded into solid reality, and thus Rococo Was born.

Back in the 18th century everything was designed to be a total work of art, from ones clothing to the furnishings in ones house. Though the once highly esteemed opulent style known as Rococo was the golden jewel of the 18th century, it eventually fell out of style, but you can still enjoy it in your house today and decorate your home as if you live in royal chateau.

 Oval High format Frames:

Oval Wide format frames:

Square format frames:

Rectangular Wall high Portrait format:

Rectangular Wall high wide format:


2 Stories high wide format:

2 Stories High Portrait format:

Download Full set:

  • Tyler (TDC95) for the overlays
Custom Content Credits:
  • All items pictured are either form expansion packs/base game and the EA store


Anonymous said...

Hey Anita its TDC95 :D i love them :) i was expecting something a little more fancy but there is a easy way with a multiplier to do that ( or so i have been told maybe you can help me lol ) :) thank you so much hun i really appreciate it! Now i have to get to work on the re-colors of them lol thanks so much :D

Nox said...

Love magnificent paintings like these. Thank you, Anita for creating them and TDC95 for requesting them.

Ladesire said...

Very nice pictures) I like the a lot)

Sackgirl said...

You know what. I didn't even know i needed these in my game until i seen them. You did a wonderful job. You also given me a idea for one of my sim's character. So beautiful. Thank you ^_^

Anita ♦³ said...

Thanks guys :) I'm glad you like them ^.^

Lol yeah, I was wondering how I should do the multiplier, your totally free to re-texture them anyway you like T :)





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