Thursday, 24 November 2011

Valiant Office set

Hi guys! A new buy mode object set, this time it's for the study room including a desk and chair. Enjoy!



Content Information:

3D Model (Mesh): 

  • High level of detail HLOD - around 3,000 polygons +
  • Medium level of detail MLOD - around 2,000 Polygons +
  • High level of detail HLOD - around 2,000 polygons +
  • Medium level of detail MLOD - around 1,000 Polygons +

  • Hand Painted - (metallic textures for desk)
  • 1024 x 1024
  • Unpixelated and crisp textures
  • 3 recolourable channels for both items
Other info:
  • Buy mode category: Surfaces -> Desk category for desk and Comfort -> Misc comfort for the chair. Both items can be located in study room category in 'by room type'.
General credits:
  • Felix - packaging
  • GSu3Dw - gigi60 and others
Custom content Credits:
  • Hair by Peggyzone
  • Clothes by EA store/Myos/Candy Lover
  • Macbook by One Billion Pixels


Anita said...

Oh and T if your looking at this (I bet you are :D ) your frames are going to be either the first or second thing (depending of freedom's requests) that's going to be uploaded here next because the frames are almost as good as done (I will contact you very soon about the overlays so get your creativity cap on :D )

Adelmo said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Antia, this is so modern, you did a good job :D, currently im working on my frame still i was making a new multiplier for it but it didn't match the map so now i have to re-map it lol well keep up the good work maybe your fame will be done before mine XD

Anita said...

Thanks both of you :)

Anita said...

Tyler check your e-mail quick :)

Anonymous said...

ok i found what you sent me :p are you sending a 3rd email? lol

Anonymous said...

Hey its TDC95. Ok i sent the email with the Overlays ;)





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