Sunday, 13 November 2011

Nightly Lace Gloves

Elegant and stylish gloves for your girls! Rock it as part of your everyday outfits or formal wear!

Creator's Notes: Hi guys, today I bring you some pretty lace gloves, the texture is hand drawn therefore very detailed and crisp which looks great in game. It took me a while to make the lace pattern and then join the pattern correctly at the seams, but hey I did it :D These will look great with a wedding dress and other formal attire but it would also look good on everyday outfits, I like using it on Gothic sims too. Hope you like it, enjoy my friends!

Content information:

  • Not applicable
  • Hand drawn
  • One recolourable channel 
Other info:
  • For Females
  • Ages Teen to Elder
  • Categorised in Everyday and Formal wear
Custom Content Credits:
  • Hair by Newsea/Peggyzone/EA store
  • Eyebrows by Jessica2020
  • Eyes by me
  • Make-up by LemonLeaf/TSR
  • Clothes by TSR/EA Store
  • Other Accessories by TSR/LianaSims/LemonLeaf


Sackgirl said...

Very classy and exquisite. This will be a great accessory, it can go with practically anything. Thanks ^_^

Sackgirl said...

I was just going to ask where the second dress came from for your Gothic chick, then i saw coming soon. I especially like the lace over the bodice and the high waist.

Nox said...

I love what's going on here, detailed hand drawn texture and high quality stuff with much attention to details. :D
Thank you very much for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Cute, thanks! Umm.. I love the ballerina in blue. She's really sexy.

Anita said...

Thanks sackgirl, Nox and Anon :) glad you like them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita its TDC95, love the dress and gloves ;) they look great!It resembles a tutu a little bit.

BTW remember i had you start on a epic 18th century dress and a new 18th hairstyle, i said forget them for now but now that i think of it if you started on them and still have them please finish i'd love to see them done doesn't matter when just as long as it does come ;) I also still want your frame even though im making my own now but that is no rush either ;) Speaking of mine they will be out soon i just have to take in-game pics and upload.

*hugs* from your buddy ;)

Anita said...

Thanks T :)

Okay, I'll work on the hair and dress again, the frame meshes are almost done, I'll show you a render of them.

Cool! tell me when they are up!

Kalhysha said...

I really would like to know where can i get the firt dress to make this look.
I research for Ballet in TSR, but didn'd find it.

Anita ♦³ said...

Hi Kalhysha,

You can get the dress from TSR, here is the link:

candesco said...

These gloves look also good on fairies. I've dressed a fairy with these ones.





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