Saturday, 5 November 2011

Kinetic Kitchen Coffee Maker

From frothy coffee to a skinny latte, the Kinetic Coffee maker gives your sims that extra buzz they need in the mornings! With a sleek contemporary design, this little machine will make any kitchen look hot!

  • Hand Painted
  • Includes crisp,  unpixelated multiplier
  • 3 RGB controls within mask meaning 3 recolourable channels in create a style.
  • The top part contains a glass material
Mesh/ 3D Model:
  • Low polygon Model - square and triangular.
  • hand modeled
  • Up to scale
  • High level of detail (HLOD) : 4,000 polygons
  • Medium level of detail (MLOD) : 3000 polygons
(poly-count readings taken to the nearest hundredth)

Additional Information:
  • Found under small appliances in buy mode. 


Sackgirl said...

Wow this looks so cute. I love the colors and all the little details. Looks very high tech, will go great with the high tech kitchen stuff. Thanks ^_^

Jasumi said...

This is very cool! Thank you!

Anita said...

Thanks, glad you like it :]

Nox said...

I love to have more functional objects like this in game. We feel like we have very few choices when it comes to coffee machine.

Anonymous said...

Hi hun its TDC95, forget about helping me with my painting frame that i sent you through the email i fixed all the bugs im so happy :D they look awesome!!!! I should have them released soon just need to do a few more paintings on them and ill release the first set. :)

I love that your making objects now keep up the great work :)

Anita said...

Indeed Nox, I only have a few custom appliances in my game, we certainly need more xD

@Tyler, ahh just checked my mail, cool beans! can't wait to see them, will it be on TSR?

Yup i'm into objects now haha! Funnily enough they are way easier to make than create a sim stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey anita its TDC95 again, yeah they will be on TSR and possibly MTS just depends if they would accept it, I'm very surprised how low polly and how small the file size is so MTS might accept it. They look great I'm just going to re-size the mesh I want it to be 2 storys tall, right now I like the size but its like 2 1/3 storys tall and I just want to adjust it so its perfect :)

Happy simming!

Anita said...

cool, good luck with that, I'll be looking forward to the final product. ;)





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