Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clarity Eyes

Pretty, shiny, glossy and deep eyes for your sims! For all ages and a choice of Non defaults and defaults. The making of this eye will be featured in an upcoming tutorial.
*Pictured above -  Defaults*

Non Default:


Content Information:
  • Hand painted textures
  • Custom eye whites By Felix
  • Fully recolourable from pale to dark colours
  • Non Defaults have 3 colour channels including; outer Iris, inner Iris and base Highlights
  • You can download Both Non default and default together - they do not conflict.
  • Non Default has a custom Thumbnail in CAS
Custom Content Credits:
  • Hair by EA store/Raon/Butterflysims (conversion)
  • Eyebrows by MTS/TSR
  • Clothes by the EA store
  • Lipstick by LemonLeaf


Sackgirl said...

oh yippee. I have been drooling and waiting for these eyes. I am going to test them out today. I love them, so super realistic and cute. I love the reflected light in the eyes. So pretty. They look very detailed. I always look forward to your works. thanks for sharing these pretty eyes ^_^ I can't wait for the tutorial.

InaMac69 said...

Amazing eyes, thankyou so much you are so talented :)

Anonymous said...

ooh yay nice! Thanks for this!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anita :D

It turned out great, looks real good! I'll post it for others now.

btw rigged the remaining F3 models I sent it tuesday, check your e-mail.

Felix3D said...

^ooops I didn't know how to log in, such an idiot lol. Still trying to get the hang of blogger, it was me Felix :)

Felix3D said...

:[ Ok I did it on one here
But how do I do an update on ?

Anita said...

Thanks guys :D

@Felix awesome, I compiled the models already it'll be up on the site soon.

Oh and thanks for the updates,not to worry sims3updates, s3u update automatically (cos they follow by RSS) if they like it I think.

Anonymous said...

Hey hun its TDC95 i love these eyes ^^ they are so epic!

Anita said...

Thanks T :)

AmberIndia said...

Wow, these are like teh bset, teh best, the bset!! Really, teh bset!! Um crap!! Teh best!! sorry The bset!! I quit, you win!!! Thanks for making and sharing these lovely stuff! Also love your skintone!!

Anita said...

woah xD thanks AmberIndia, i'm very happy you like them :D

Anonymous said...

I really love these eyes!!! thank you so much

Anna said...

Thank you for the lovely eyes. You did a wonderful job! =)

Anita ♦³ said...

Your welcome Anna :)





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