Monday, 26 September 2011

Luxury Skin - A set of cute and realistic Non Default & Default skins

 Do your sims love the skin their in? Do I hear a no? Well pack up your troubles and look no further for a solution! New Luxury Skin not only transforms your sims in to good looking hot potatoes, but provides ultimate comfort for your sims, no more itching guaranteed or your Simoleans back! It smells like candy too!!  Smooth, silky with a natural luminous non-greasy shine, a perfect 'sorry I tortured you' gift to make up with your sims.
Creator's Notes: I've been working on these skins for a while now, months in fact but I really enjoyed drawing every last detail. I was working with adding subtle light areas to the skin so I could achieve smooth facial highlights and create form. I created this skin for me, I don't really love most of the other skins I and others have made, so this skin is what I want for my game, I want realism, that's what I like. The last skin I did was real but after some feedback on my blog I found a lot of areas to improve on (Thanks lovelies for all your feedback - big kisses to you all). I think that this is more perfected and I must say I really love it! I know you all have different tastes so I can only hope you like it too and maybe even have room for it in your games *.* I was going to upload to MTS but too many restrictions and waiting time, if I find time I'll try sharing there again. Okay, this skin is a little different in the was that it was made, I didn't start of by using EA's skin base diffuse map, I just imported the UV map, and completely from scratch with no base made this skin which is why it took so long to make, even the male bodies were re-made twice in the end I got rid of the base I used on that. With some custom brushes in Photoshop I blended different gradients of one skin colour and added many layers to build up the map. Everything is perfectly symmetrical because I worked on half the skin and the flipped it for the other side. I will do a skin tutorial for you all soon, I'll show you the techniques I used and how I used different brushes to create realistic pores. I've drawn on many facial details and body details which I will describe below:

  •  subtle realistic Pores that do not stretch
  •  Dark nostrils - completely black
  •  Face light -forehead/nose/chin/ 1/4 cheeks on both sides
  •  eyebrow area shadow
  •  eyelid detail including shading
  •  I've drawn on tear ducts
  •  shading on eye bags
  •  I have drawn on the philtrum
  •  I've added nose detail, mostly around the nose tip it's more defined now
  •  Lip creases for realism
  •  Light lips to match skin tone - not too pink though
  •  Soft Jaw line - neck line Shading
  •  I added knees and elbows
  •  I've drawn on the collar bone (it's the same shape as the EA one but is more longer and tilted)
  •  Breast Shading and light - more cleavage for females (it looks good on smaller breasted sims too) and added nipples
  •  ribcage detail
  •  stomach light
  •  I've drawn on a detailed navel and the stomach dip
  •  legs and arms have shading and light
  •  Very realistic new ears - when used with ear sliders, the texture doesn't stretch awkwardly
  •  faint veins on male arms
  •  I've drawn on the spine on the back
  •  I've drawn on shoulder Blades
  •  more contoured and curved/rounder Butt with shading and light for realism
  •  8 tone ramps for the non default version, 5 of which are realistic human skin tones ranging from pale to dark
  •  Desaturated skins for realism
  •  no wrinkles for elders - younger looking skin
  •  Fully compatible with the latest game version and all sliders. made with latest version of skininator
  •  'Barbie' from waist down.

    Non Default (ND): If you want the ND version then download the package titled 'CapitalSims_LuxurySkinNonDefault' , this will not replace EA Skin, there are 8 tone ramps all together 5 are human skin tones (Pale, fair, Tan, medium and dark)  and 3 are fantasy colours (green, blue and pinkish-purplish-red) use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll through the tone ramps. you can download the non defaults and the defaults together if you want they will not conflict as they have different instances. If you only want one then I would recommend the non defaults because it contains more skin tone ramps and is more realistic compared to the EA tone ramps.

    Default: This will replace the EA skin, so make sure you do not have any other default replacement skins because you can only have one default replacement. If you want the default replacements then download the package called 'CapitalSims_LuxurySkinDefaultReplacement'. Remember you can download all the downloads attached, so you can have the non defaults and the defaults together if you want.

    For skins to work properly delete the file called simCompositorCache.package in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 before installing and using the skin.

    A HUGE thank you to CmarNYC for her incredible work on skins, and on the fabulous Skininator and for helping me out with shine flags a while back.


 Non Default


Custom Content Credits:
  • Hair by Newsea/TumTum/EA Store/Nouk (converted to TS3)/PeggyZone
  • Eyebrows by Jessica2020/Heiret/TSR
  • Eyes by me (unreleased)/LemonLeaf
  • Clothes by EA store
  • Accessories by LemonLeaf/ Aikea guinea
General Credits:
  • CmarNYC for the skininator
  • Peter & Inge Jones for S3pe


Sackgirl said...

Oh my God, you made my day. Thank you so much, for all your hard work, theses look so gorgeous. I am taking out Ephemera skins and putting yours in as my default. Thank you so much for making a default skin. Wow. I am speechless. I thought i would have to wait longer, after the face preview. I just kept checking your blog in my blog list. Thanks again. I can't wait to try theses out in game now.

These were worth the wait and i am happy it is for all ages. Thanks again.

Sackgirl said...

I forgot to say they look super realistic, i love the pores on them and the lips are gorgeous. My future sims thank you. You certainly put a lot of detail into it. Don't be surprise to see lots of sims popping up now using your skin. By the way i love the eyes, i was going to ask where they were from, and i just read by you. They look so pretty and glossy.

Anonymous said...

hey I want to ask in the picture is the men sims wearing the muscle slider...or ? Nice skin btw, the pores are great and the girl with elf ears is cute

Sackgirl said...

It's so super realistic is is scary. Well done, at first in cas i thought okay, like the texure, struggled with the eye area, not the skin fault(only because i am not use to eyelids and eye bags so detailed)

It isn't until you actually take your sim out of cas and put them in game, the true beauty of this skin comes out. This really is so realistic, i have thrown away all my men lipsticks LOL. You did a amazing job.

I have to mention it on my blog. Thank you.

Anita said...

awww thanks sackgirl! I'm glad you like it :) Wow, that's really sweet, thanks for mentioning me on your blog much appreciated!

Your exactly right, I was worried about the eye area, usually I have the same eye shape for all my sims, I just loaded up the game a couple minutes ago and on other eye shapes the texture eyebags look to stretched/big and I think I'm going to make the eye bags a little thinner and get rid of a little bit of shading on the sides so it won't look awkward on other eye shapes. It won't take me long to fix I have all the drawings saved as layers. hehe sorry I just have to fix this!! it needs to be perfection xD I hope you won't mind re-downloading, I think I can do this in 20 minutes from now.

And thank you too Anon, to answer your question no the muscle slider was not used, but it looks faintly musclur because I added light on the ab areas, so when you apply the muscle definition slider, the abs will look smooth.

I'll post a message when I have uploaded the eye fixed version

Anita said...

Ok it's totally fixed now :) for all ages too.
So the few of you that downloaded already I hope you will re-download :D

heres some pics with different eye shapes (warning somewhat freaky looking random sims included):

Sackgirl said...

Thanks Anita, i will re download. Thanks for quick update.

Anita said...

your welcome :)

Anonymous said...

This is pretty great, reminds me of sims 2. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey hun its TDC95 love this skin!!! Its so realistic :D

Anonymous said...

I love this new skin!!!!! thank so much.I love the eyes too upload them plz they very realistic.

Anonymous said...

You're improving so much! I love these skins, but I have two little constructive tips for you.

-The navel: it appears very stretched and dark and very unrealistic compared to the rest of the skin.

-The completely black nostrils: I have never seen a person with pitch black in their nose and it detracts from the look.

All in all, I think this is very pretty and I am pleased to see how you are growing artistically.

I look forward to future endeavors on the blog.

Anita said...

Thanks guys :P

thanks for the critique too, will take into account for next time! I see what you mean bout the navel.

Though the thing with the nostrils, what I meant was the only part that's black is the middle. you see the area around around the core of the nostrils, they are dark but not black so it's only the core/center that's completely black. Though on the kids, I would agree it needs lightening a bit.

Anonymous said...

Its not looking realistic.
Tha ass is to high and the belly navel is too big..and its too shiny.

Anita said...

*.- okay you don't like it, that's fine.

However I think it's realistic enough, didn't want to over do it though otherwise it'll look a bit scary. The butt is actually drawn correctly according to the UV map, if I drew the butt lower then what you'd end up with is two layers of butt lines (one from my texture and the other from the mesh shadow)so I have to draw it exactly where the mesh is. I though it looked normal, don't know but maybe its the the contrast around the butt makes you think it looks higher?

hmm, the only part of the body that's shiny is the legs really, nothing else seems to have such high contrast, I even fixed up the shine flags.

Nox said...

What an amazing job you are doing here. I had your Armour skin and I loved the high level of details you put in there. Now I'm downloading this and really appreciate your talent, dedication, passion and generosity to share with us here.

Nox said...

Hey there, I want to add that the file is a little big originally, but when I open it with s3pe to compress, the size reduces to only 7 MB. Visually, with my other skins it doesn't affect the appearance, haven't tested it with your skin extensively but I hope in this way, your file can be smaller and more convenient to download.

Sims2fanbg said...

OMG!The best skin!I love it.Thank you <3<3<3<3

Anonymous said...

This is really well done, really, I love the way it looks in game....I love that skin looks like true custom skin, not just add on's or blend in's...Sims using this skins will definitely look different from my other sims in game...Can wait to see what genetics does with it....

Krys said...

OMG!!! This skin is fantastic, I'm going to download it yet. I can't wait to see in my game :D

Marianne said...

These are amazing skins!
Thank you for making perfect default skins :))

Marianne from Finland

Anita said...

Wow thanks guys! I'm happy you all have use for it in your games. Thanks for the lovely comments, it makes me glad to share!

Lord Nocturne said...

This was exactly what I needed for a sim I was having trouble creating. Wonderful skin, and the details are flippin incredible. Bitchin work.

Anita said...

haha! Thanks Lord Nocturne

Diancarock said...

The most realistic skin I've seen in game, Great job!!! I'm going to start my legacy family using this skin....kudos you outdid your self this time.......

Anita said...

Thanks Diancarock! It's great you have use for it!

Anonymous said...

lips are the best,very realistic.

Anita said...

Thanks Anon, thinking of doing a lipstick with that lip texture :)

Anonymous said...

Favorite skins EVER. Even better than Emphameras (did I spell that right? :s). Only criticism is the belly button looks a bit too large. Other than that.. perfect. The under eye bags are the best.

Anita said...

Thanks Anon :)

grieralexander said...

Just downloaded your default skin and was trying to decide amongst three others I had downloaded. So, I played with each one in CAS and decided to keep yours! What really won me over was the realistic mid and lower torso sections. They look really good with the hair add-ons for male and the navel area is perfect. I know you dedicated a lot of time to it specially around the eyes. Which are also very much realistic. The only downside that I was able to notice was that in darker color schemes the area arond the eyes is very light; which is not a problem, it draws attention to the eye; however it would look even better if it was more blended towards the cheek bone area, that way male sims do not look like they have makeup on. It is just my opinion and it is not a big deal, since the magic of your skin comes alive while in game, where it is wonderful! In short, it is in my game over all the skins that I've research, which were many. It is an outstanding work of art :)

Anita said...

Wow what a lovely comment! Thanks grieralexander, thanks for your ideas for improvement too, I know exactly what you mean. Glad you like the skin :)

Anonymous said...

Oi, me chamo Priscila, sou do Brasil ^^ Estava a procura de uma pele perfeita e encontrei essa, é linda, gostei demais e queria comentar isso aqui :) Obrigada por criar uma pele tão maravilhosa como essa, já que o jogo não nos oferece, não é? O único defeito é o umbigo, mas nada demais, é linda assim mesmo <3 Obrigada!

Anita ♦³ said...

Hi Priscila, :) ok going to try Google translate...sorry if it comes out weird lol...

obrigado! o seu muito bem-vindos, farei uma nova versão deste breve com uma melhor umbigo, espero que seu animado!

Anonymous said...

HI Anita, I'm Priscila again, I'm translating for you on Google:) I was surprised to receive an answer so fast, in fact, I thought I would not comentraio kk really loved his creation, a skin is very beautiful and realistic, and I will surely like the next skin, I'm super anxious waiting *w* It was a pleasure talking to you =) Kisses.

Anonymous said...

Hi can anyone help me out I can't seem to install the skins into my game D:. I'd really like a realistic skin instead of the silly rubber EA skins :/ can anyone help?

Tesla said...

This skin is amazing. After using this skin once I know that I will never use another skin. ♥ Thank you so much for this awesome skin!

Anita ♦³ said...

Aww thanks Anon and Tesla!

Josh Greenfield said...

this is going to be the fist time moding can you tall me set by set or do you know of a modinf tool that can help me

Anita ♦³ said...

Hi Josh, I don't quite understand your question, are you looking for a tutorial of some sort?

Josh Greenfield said...

yes. i put your mod in but i can get it to work

Anita ♦³ said...

Try this: on the skin tone panel use the scroll on your mouse to browse down the skins (if you don't have the skin tone panel mod).

Josh Greenfield said...






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