Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saffron Hair - New Mesh

More hair for your sims! this time it's Braided and curled back hair, available for teens to elders, includes all morphs and all LODS. High polycount, it's a very complex mesh. Natural shine hair texture and new control map with better shine and highlight control. If you dont like the braided area, there are other similar hairstyles available without the braids. Enjoy! :)

Warning! Please do NOT redistribute my hair mesh on any website. Please do NOT take, modify or retexture my mesh without my permission. Sharing sims with this hair is fine but please try to link it back to me. This is a high poly mesh, it's not recomended you download high poly content if you have a weak system.
LOD0 - 12,000+ polygons
LOD1 - 10,000+ polygons
LOD2 - 5,000+ polygons
LOD3 - 2,000+ polygons


ES Darkman said...


Anonymous said...

You are improving, I must honestly say. I'm sure many others will agree on this, but those braids look really strange and unrealistic. If you fixed them so they end on the hairline, they would look better. I'm only saying this as constructive criticism, I hope not to come off as an ass like on MS3B. =]

Kiara said...

Hi, just came to say that I totally love your work! It's really stupid that someone on MS3B would be bothered to troll on you like that, i see that person always comments about Ladyfrontbum skins, I'ts some sort of personal attack lol maybe it is her! you skin is 10x better than LFB's anyway. ok anyway keep creating do what your doing because you always improve :)

Anonymous said...

Drama drama drama.
Anyway, I like the braids, but it would be good if you edited them to stop near the hairline and then re-upload. And maybe make the ends of them not end in a square, but taper down more?
I love the waves. I think you have great ideas and the execution is getting better and better :)

Acornicus said...

Hey Skylark! I just wanted to tell you that I find myself more and more displeased with MS3B everyday. I only want my creations featured on the site so others know what I made. The comments on my creations are fairly nice with a rude comment here and there, but the absolute trash I saw posted on your hair was abosulty sickining. I swear I thought of throwing up when I saw what people wrote. I really love that you've created hair for our games, and until some of those anons start making creations, they can keep their mouths shut.

Best of luck~

P.S. Try not to post comments on your creations on MS3B, it tends to attract more trolls. ^W^

prettaylittleliar said...

It looks really good!Downloading!If I knew how to make retextures,I would retexture this,but its over all cute

Skylark Sims Studio said...

aww thank you guys! i'm all for constructive criticism and I might update this mesh soon :)

Anonymous said...

You've done a hell of a lot better than what I could do. Mad props. I like the style and I look forward to seeing you progress. - Badcore





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