Thursday, 21 April 2011

Extra Terrestrial Hair - New Mesh

Hiya! Another hair mesh, this one is very big and wild and really out there. It's a rather unnatural hairstyle but with the right kind of sims it could look stunning, especially on fantasy themed sims. I was inspired by one of Katy Perry's hairdo's in her music video ET, I thought it looked kinda crazy but cool, it's not an exact replica of Katy's hair, I added my own things such as bangs. It's very big at the back, but I liked it, gives it an abstract feel, and i'm tired of seeing normal hairs :)  includes all LODs and has morphs, the textures are improved, natural shine + no dark roots. Enjoy!

 Warning! This is a high poly mesh, it's recomended those with weaker systems do not use high poly meshes in game. Do NOT take modify or retexture my mesh without my permission, do NOT upload to any websites, you may share sims with this hair but please try to link back to me.

LOD0- 13,000+ Polygons
LOD1- 10,000+ Polygons
LOD2 - 6000+ Polygons
LOD3 - 4000+ Polygons


Anonymous said...

Hi Atz skylark!! it's chantelle from facebook, I just love this hair it looks great on the elf sims (if they are elves? ) It's sort of anime yet I think you've managed to get it looking natural in the game. looks like it's flowing in the wind, very pretty <3

Acornicus said...

Your really improving! Keep up the good work!! :3

prettaylittleliar said...

hdtgnhjlktrj So cute! o: !!

Anonymous said...

Hi hun its TDC95 from the, i have yet to hear of any progress of the stuff your making for me, hope all is going well, you can contect me on mts my user name is the same as it is on nice hair btw.

Anonymous said...


judy555 said...

Wow!!!! Fantastic, amazing hair, really lovely.

Thank you very very much!!!!!!

judy555 said...

Sorry for the double post, it said the code did not match, and I put in the code , then it double posted. I would delete it , but don't know how.

Again sorry.

Skylark Sims Studio said...

Thanks all of you!!

@T sorry I haven't been on a lot lately, but dont worry I have been working on your requests and your hair is nearly done, the ceiling thingy is done too but i need to update the specular because of odd shadows, I know you've been waiting anxiously for them but I'll put you out of your misery soon dear :D

@judy no problem i'll delete the double post

QueenDivetta said...

@T I want to share a link with some rococo stuff, but I can't comment on your profile. Will you please comment on mine so I can reply with the stuff? I think you'll like it!

@Skylark Sorry to use your post to contact him haha, I haven't seen him around anywhere else and I've been looking for him! If you contact him through mts, would you let him know I'm looking for him? Love this hair btw, DLed and used in game :)

Anonymous said...

Hi hun its TDC95 again ok thanks for the update, and wow more hair hmmm if its womens im excited if its mens it better have a bowe on the pony tail and curles on the side because thats what mens 18th century hair is like, yay thanks so much for the update, i will have to open a account on here lol

Anonymous said...

You're improving alot!
The bangs are done really well!

~I <3 it for fairies~

Anonymous said...

there is a sims2 version of this hair because I really don't like sims3 (models).

Skylark Sims Studio said...

thanks again everyone :)

anon above, there isn't a sims 2 version of this, i made it for TS3 only

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy its T again are my requests close to being done?

Sims2fanbg said...

Great hair!

Anita said...

Thanks Sims2fanbg!





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