Saturday, 21 September 2013

Video Tutorial: How To Make Hair For The Sims 3

Hi guys! Today I have for you a complete start to finish tutorial on how to mesh hair for the sims 3! This is a rather advanced tutorial but I think it will aid creators of any skill level. You need at least some basic knowledge on the programs used. Warning: I am by no means up to Newsea or coolsims standard but I'm not completely clueless I guess xD so I share my knowledge with you all.
Hair is probably the most difficult items of CC to make for the sims 3, it's not something I would recommend for a beginner in CC design as I don't want to put you off, but if you feel you can take on a challenge go ahead :)

Difficulty: ★★

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

'Solaris' - High Ponytail Hairstyle

Here's a simple, long ponytail hairstyle for the ladies! I made this hair for a tutorial (soon to be uploaded on YouTube), and thought you guys might find it useful.

It's high poly so use it sparingly, textures are hand painted with pooklet's base and uses adjust shine control. It's found under 'hat hairs' and has has a re-colourable hair-tie.

It's not a very exciting hairstyle but I hope you like it ;)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Playstation 4

Hey all!

So with the recent announcements of a new generation of games consoles heading our way, I thought our sims would need to keep up to date too!
That's why I created this PS4.

I looked at many reference images when I was modelling this in 3DS max and made sure it's pretty close to what the real PS4 looks like...which is essentially two slanted boxes sandwiched together! Hand painted the textures too, it has 3 colour channels (you can even recolour the 'light' strip in the middle). Polycount is good. The PS4 can be found in Misc Electronics and is functional as a games console.

I hope your sims like pawning noobs :)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

'Doomsday' - Military Set

Today I have for you a military set! I noticed that there is a lack of military gear for the sims 3 so I decided to fill this gap.

This set contains 27 new meshes to customize your military base. It consists mainly of Russian and US military equipment. In this download you will find many drivable vehicles, decorative aircraft, decorative weapons and other decor military clutter.

There are 3 functional/drivable Tanks (including an APC - T-90, Abrams and Stryker), The KUB is decor, three drivable vehicles (Humvee, MTVR and Gaz), all the weapons can be placed on shelves and storage, and the Artillery Ammo is stackable. The decor items are all found in Misc decor. Oh and a tip you can mount the minigun on places like on top of the sandbags by using OMSP.

The poly-counts for some objects are high but it's nothing bad or insane, thus the poly-counts are good for the general geometry. Textures are hand-painted and good quality because the models are from games like Call of Duty, Arma and Battlefield. Everything can be recolored.

I hope you like this collection of items, I don't have much military knowledge so I'll let these following images do the talking!
Enjoy declaring war on your sims!

Friday, 5 July 2013

'Bad Wolf' Hairstyle

Time for some hair of the masculine kind!

oh no she didn't... more AC stuff?!

I got a few requests for this hair, I really like the style, so I went ahead and made it! It's a hairstyle from Assassin's Creed 3, it's a very close match to what the original one from the game looks like at least I think so XD

Polycount is not too bad for the general geometry but still high around 12k for LOD0 with the braid and 10k without. It's a 'hat hair' as it has an accessory hair-tie and two beads on the braid (all can be recolored). Texture bases by Pooklet and I made an adjust shine control base. I hope you like it ;)





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